Saturday, January 23, 2010


Ok guys, I know that this is upsetting to EVERYONE but I AM getting these issues resolved and even the people who were already refunded can also receive makeup. Please keep in mind that before I got so busy, I had a business without the problems. I am doing everything to make this right..and, yes, you will receive your makeup, please allow me the two weeks to make this right and then, if you haven't received your makeup the, by all what you have to do.



Hello everyone,

I am still receiving emails from everyone with their order information, please also include the date of the order in your email. I will be working from the back forward. I will have all orders shipped out with the safest shipping method. I expect this to take no more than two weeks to finish, probably less. I will no for sure once I have everyone's orders. I will continue to update this blog as I make progress and let you all know if there is a change in time frame (earlier shipping) thank you to everyone who is allowing me to make this right. I completely understand all of your frustrations.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Refunds, replacements and shipping

Hello all, I am still working this post, I will have this up as soon as possible. I will have a special email set up for you to email your transaction details and set up shipments. I will have several people helping me and will have a realistic time frame of getting your products to you if you haven't already filed for a refund. More details will be posted soon. I am sorry.

Coming soon...

youtube makeup tutorials by some awesome pros!

I can't wait to show off the great people that I got to use my makeup and do reviews and tutorials! I wont say too much but watch this blog and find out how to do the hottest looks with Calypso Minerals!